Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here's the good news. You can encourage and support these friendships between boys and girlswithout encouraging romantic interest. To do that, first you have to understand the normal evolution of friendship between boys and girls.

It's during the preschool period that children start to recognize differences between boys and girls. Not just in play but in the way bodies look and what bodies do. Once your child recognizes these differences, there's an expected shift in desire to play with each other. Typically, girls and boys suddenly want nothing to do with each other, and that lasts for a period of a few years.

There are a number of benefits to your child having opposite sex friendships. The first is that your child will get a lot of practice learning to talk and interact with the opposite sex without having all the highly charged emotions that come when a relationship has a physical component.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between infatuation and love. This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship. It is easy to think that you have found true love as the intensity of infatuation takes over your life. Love, however, rarely comes on suddenly. It is a slow, gradual process that can only happen after the rush of infatuation starts to ebb.
Infatuation describes the intense range of feelings present at the beginning of most relationships; sweaty palms, rapidly beating heart, butterflies in the stomach. The world is a better, more beautiful place because object of your affection is with you. Every time you touch is thrilling, you remember every conversation, and your thoughts revolve around them. In more common terms, this is a crush. Crushes are a very real, normal part of human life. Everyone experiences at least one crush at some point or another in their lives.
Infatuation is caused by a chemical reaction in the body. The hormones released accounts for some of the feelings of elation. In truth, you are "high" on dopamine. This is an important evolutionary response to meeting a potential future mate. These hormones assure that two people will spend enough time together to possibly produce children, thus ensuring the survival of the species.

Traditionally, movies with “love” in their titles harbor expectations of stories containing boy-meets-girl romances. Love Happens gives us something else to work with and instead, we left thinking boy-just-needs-a-hug. 

Overall, Love Happens won’t be getting a place on the DVD shelf. The previews don’t give any insight into what this movie is about, nor does the title. There are a few missing links, but the lack of real romance (which we thought was the main idea) was the most important miss. Death Happens would have been more accurate and possibly more helpful, although that might not have gone over well with PR. 


    Sharing life activities and personal information creates intimacy and emotional connection. Over time, caring grows and your emotional investment in the other deepens, even when all is not "rosy" and pleasurable. We love because we find our emotional match in the other person, that which makes us feel more whole. We have found a "soul mate" and gradually become more and more emotionally and spiritually connected to the other person.

    Unconditional love is more of a spiritual thing. It’s not bound by physical things, like blood relations and the desire to procreate. It has nothing whatsoever to do with sex. Most people are in relationships because they’re horny and/or lonely, even if they genuinely think they love the other person. But if the person they “love” suddenly lost their “equipment” for whatever reason, would they still want to be with that person? Would they get jealous if the person they “love” wanted to spend time with other people as well? Relationships based on needs are not unconditional.

    Girls Attitude:

    Girls seem to depend on someone way too much either emotionally or personally but at the same time they easily switch preferences. Someone who was inevitable a couple of years back becomes a good friend today and a good contact tomorrow. At any point, a person who shows a lot of interest on her is always considered the best by a girl! Again, may be I'm generalizing... But that's something I observed out of my experiences.

    With the brain being locked in an emotional trap, girls usually end up taking decisions purely out of their heart which in most cases will not be correct. Ironically, even after realizing that they made a mistake, it is next to impossible for them to correct that.

    Girls enjoy guys falling for them but many do not want to reveal that. A beautiful girl almost always confirms that the guys around her are interested in her through unnoticeable gestures. Guys however strong just start shaking at the sight of a beautiful girl staring at them and get caught. But a girl never reveals anything more than a smile at the corner of her lips... Gets hard for the guys to assess her pulse

    Boys Attitude:

     Guys do not normally discuss feelings and are rarely emotionally open unless they are extremely comfortable with you; men are inherently closed in their feelings to maintain their belief of control.

    Guys want to -feel- as though they are in control; not that they always need to get their way, but they need to feel that things won't happen unless they allow them. No matter how much you feel that you shouldn't have to get the "OK" from your guy to do something or make decisions, it would be best to at least talk to him about it and ask him first -- basically, they want to feel that they are doing things because they want their partner to be happy, not because they have to do it. They respond better to the "lip" and the big eyes than they do to orders.

     He'll return the favor a hundred times over. If you make him feel like he isn't good enough, he will be more jealous of other guys - he may leave you. Guys don't like feeling inferior any more than girls do.

                                       Two different attitude never be close:

    During the teenage years, if boys sense their girlfriends starting to become more serious than they hoped for by planning their entire social life or daydreaming about their future wedding, they will pull away and eventually break off the relationship.

    sometimes girls change their feelings because they relize that they made their choice to quickly and they really need time to think about it. You can change their mind it is how hard you try that determains the ourcome. You don't want it to be to hard because then they will think you are stupidly dessperate. guys usually have more to lose in the relationship that is why it hurts more not that girls don't get hurt a lot to and some times they do get hurt more than guys it just depends on the circumstances and us girls don't let on that we are hurt usually we eat or way out of depression and girls want to be friends with the guys after wards because they had a good thing going when you were just friends with them

    "Do not give up! Do not get disheartened! Work on yourself. Things will definitely get better soon!".